Our COVID-19 Updates


Our COVID-19 Measures!

Hello everyone, we hope you and your family are well!

During this time we have tried to make our environment as safe as possible for both our staff and our guests. We have created a unique QR code that you can scan upon arrival and you will find in your room that will lead you to our COVID-19 policies, measures, and all you need to know during your stay.

We are certified by the Government with the “Health First” certification that you will find at our reception desk. All our staff has been trained accordingly and are prepared in the best way possible to take care of you.

We have started a new collaboration with Koutsoukos Foods called KALIMERA breakfast boxes. These are sealed breakfasts that are as safe as you can get! We have the option of a Continental Breakfast and a Mediterranean breakfast. This now is served in your room at the time you wish ! This can be between 09:00 and 21:00 daily! Just inform reception what breakfast you would like and at what time during your check in.

Upon arrival you will find us at our new outdoor reception following all the necessary guidelines to keep a safe environment. We have positioned important information regarding our property rules and things you should know and follow for your best experience all around our property.

We are officially expecting our first guests from tomorrow and we couldn’t be feeling more safe and happy to welcome them!

See you all soon!

Till then, stay safe <3




It’s Official! We are opening the 15th of June!!

Hello everyone!

We hope you are well and getting excited for your holiday!

It’s official, we are opening on the 15th of June for the summer season! Flights from certain countries will be flying in through Athens airport from the 15th of June and Mykonos will be accepting flights directly from other countries from the 1st of July. Which countries Greece will be accepting is still unknown but we will have news very soon. Our Government made this announcement a couple of days ago and we are still waiting on the final decisions for the health protocols. 

In the meantime, we are preparing our property, cleaning thoroughly and making your stay as safe and as carefree as possible. Some things might change due to the current situation but please rest assured that we here at Villa Konstantin are making sure that you will experience the Greek holiday you deserve!

Restaurants are also opening this Monday the 25th of May and the island is getting its life back. We are very happy!

We cannot wait to welcome all our guests and have an another amazing season!

If you have any questions regarding your booking please send us an email at [email protected] and we will answer you as soon as someone is available.

Till then, stay safe and keep dreaming !  ❤️


Roadmap of Lockdown Lifting in Greece!

Hello everyone, more positive news has arrived for Greece and for our travelers!! We hope you and your family are well and are staying positive during these times.

Just yesterday our Prime Minister announced the roadmap according to which the lockdown in Greece will be gradually lifted. This procedure will start on May 4th. 

In this post we will include the most important points you will be needing for your holidays.

May 17th and 18th Churches and archeological sites will be open to the public.

June 1st cafe’s, restaurants and bars will be opening along with shopping malls and department stores. At the beginning of June our outdoor cinema in the Old Town of Mykonos will be opening and we will have the restoration of domestic flights.

Middle of June will be our opening date along with other hotels if things go to plan by then. We are taking care and paying attention to everything we can to make this happen. At the same time the beaches will be open to the public and we will have the restoration of sea traffic to the islands.

It is predicted that international flights will be flying to Greece from the end of June but there is no official date set yet. 

With patience, care and solidarity we will wait a little longer to welcome you to our beautiful island. 

If we have any other updates about what is happening in Greece we will keep everyone posted.

Till then, stay safe ❤️



Another Positive Step Forward!

Hello everyone, we hope you and your family are safe at these times. We wanted to inform you about some new changes that have taken place in Mykonos and Greece.

As most of you will know, Mykonos has been on full lockdown for a while now. Greece has had very few COVID-19 cases and we are lucky to be on the list of “Places to visit once this COVID-19 crisis is over” as reported by the Telegraph and many others. Greece has taken very strict measures from early on and this has resulted in everything being under control and us being safe. 

Just yesterday it was announced that Greece will not be accepting flights from the following countries: Italy, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, Holland and Germany until after the 15th of May until further notice. In addition there is a temporary ban on non-European citizens entering the country until further notice.

An important step forward the Greek Government has taken is creating travel vouchers that will be active for 18 months. This means you will not miss your holiday this May if you have a travel ban but rather will alter your arrival date. If you have booked a non-refundable room but are not able to travel to Greece because of a travel ban in your country for the month of May please contact us directly on our email: [email protected] or via the message centre of Expedia or Booking.com. We will be informing you if you are eligible for a voucher and what the process is of receiving one. This is the best solution possible giving the circumstances.

It is still very early to tell what will be happening for reservations after May but we are hopeful that it will be safe to travel by then and that we will welcome you on your holiday.

Till then, stay safe  ❤️


Strict Measures in Mykonos!

We hope everyone is safe and well protected. We would like to share an important update on what is happening on the island of Mykonos.

Mykonos as of yesterday 06-04-20 is on full lockdown. This is happening to protect one of Greece’s most well cherished islands. The same is happening with the island of Santorini. We have very restricted movement and everyone is staying home. 

We are taking this time to get as well prepared for the season as possible and we are trying to enjoy the simple things in life. This time at home is seen as an opportunity to think of ways on improving our services for you as best we can and to find the perfect solution for you if your plans have been affected by what is going on.

Rest assured that we will be informing you of other options you have available if your booking is affected and you aren’t able to travel at the time you have originally booked.

Things still remain uncertain about May bookings but we will have news very soon.

Please try and remain positive as we all know this is a phase in our lives that will eventually pass as everything does, and we can get back to enjoying life.

If you have any questions about your booking please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected] We are here to help you with anything you need.

Till then, stay safe ❤️ 


Mykonos Protects Itself!

We hope everyone is doing well at these times and are staying calm at home. A small update on our status here in Mykonos.

All restaurants and most shops have been closed for a while now and everyone is staying home. Traffic has been restricted on the roads and it feels like winter again. You see almost nobody outside.

We know that this change in our everyday routine is for the best and we can promise you this: We are all doing our best to help each other and keep things safe for the coming season. Greece has reacted very well to this situation and we are lucky to be in such good hands.

Let’s all take this time to spend with our families and learn to appreciate the simple but most important things in life.

There is still no definite answer as to whether we will be working this May but please do not worry as we will inform everyone very soon about this.

We are making sure to find the best solution possible for any bookings that may be affected by this situation and we will keep you posted about everything.

We are positive that everything will turn out just fine.

Till then, stay safe ❤️

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